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About Constantine 's Blog:’s Reasonable Doubter Constantine von Hoffman keeps a close eye on technology, government, public policy, privacy and security to help readers see the forest for the trees—and the facts through the BS.

Constantine  von Hoffman


Constantine von Hoffman is a freelance journalist and blogger based in Boston, Mass. He has served as a senior writer at CIOCMO and Brandweek magazines, a city editor at the Boston Herald, and a news producer for NPR's Living on Earth. His work has appeared in numerous publications including The Harvard Business ReviewCSO, Sierra,Yankee and Boston Magazine. He also writes about banking and finance for CBSinteractive. 


cvon [at] areporter [dot] com

Latest Posts by Constantine

Why Bitcoins are Just as Viable as Any Other Currency

|   The true value of any currency is a reflection of how much people believe it's worth, according to CIO blogger Constantine von Hoffman. But it's wise to remember just how fast beliefs can change.

No Surprise: Docs Show Obama Administration Lying About Drones

|   President Obama has repeatedly said drones would only be used against members of al Qaida and allied groups. However, leaked intelligence documents show the administration has been using them to settle political and tribal feuds for at least four years.

How Big Data Can Quickly Become Big Garbage

|   The bigger the data the bigger the chance of mistakes or inaccuracies. In that vein, a large database used by retailers to screen people accused of stealing from employers is identifying innocent people and could result in major lawsuits, according to blogger Constantine von Hoffman.

Why Crazy Trumps Logic on the Internet

|   The earth is flat. Vaccines cause autism. 9/11 was a government conspiracy. These are just a few of the many ideas that continue to find adherents online despite overwhelming proof that they're not based on fact. blogger Constantine von Hoffman explains why the madness won't stop any time...

SEC 'Money Saving' Trade-Tracking System Has Very Costly Flaw

|   The US SEC is content with a trade-tracking system that provides data on stock trades the day after they happen, something no broker would put up with. blogger Constantine von Hoffman says a real-time version will soon be available, but it won't be used by the SEC. Here's why.

US Wasted $60B on Iraq Rebuilding Projects, Report Says

|   The U.S. military chose not to use any sort of financial-management software to track money it spent in Iraq. Thanks to a report from auditors and investigators, the government now has some idea of where all that cash went. But the report does not paint a pretty picture.

Bribery Charges Against HP, Oracle and IBM Validate Gov't Regulation

|   HP, Oracle and IBM are being investigated for bribery by Polish authorities, and the United States probably isn't far behind. It's common to hear complains about government regulation of business, but such regulation is essential, according to blogger Constantine von Hoffman. Here's why.

How to Tell You're Being Lied To (Iraq War Edition)

|   America's reasons for invading Iraq were always utter nonsense. On the 10th anniversary of the start of the war, blogger Constantine von Hoffman spotlights some basic questions very few people were willing to ask at the time about why the United States went to war.

The Pentagon is Still Preparing to Fight the Soviets. But Why?

|   America spends more on its military than all other nations combined. Unfortunately, that military is designed to fight enemies that no longer exist, according to blogger Constantine von Hoffman.

To Save the Modern Corporation You Must First Destroy It

|   American corporations used to be legally required to be responsible. If the United States wants to ensure the long-term health of its corporations it needs to enact new laws similar to the ones of the past, according to blogger Constantine von Hoffman.

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