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About Bill's Blog: Bill Snyder analyzes the consumer technologies--gadgets, software, electronics, and everything else--that matter to everyday techies and businesspeople, and explains why these technologies and products should be on your radar -- or not.

Bill Snyder


San Francisco journalist Bill Snyder writes frequently about business and technology. His work appears regularly in,, and the publications of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. He welcomes your comments and suggestions. Reach him at and follow him on Twitter at @BSnyderSF.


bill [at] billsnyder [dot] biz

Latest Posts by Bill

Radio Shack Giving Away iPhone 5s with iPhone 4s Trade-In

|   That old iPhone 4s will get you a free iPhone 5s from Radio Shack, if you don’t mind signing a two-year contract. Without a trade-in, the Radio Shack price is still a bargain at $99.

Microsoft to Windows 8.1 Users: Update ASAP or You're on Your Own

|   Windows 8.1 users who don’t install a recent patch won’t be able to install any future security patches, according to Microsoft

T-Mobile Kills Overage Fees—but not Without a Price

|   T-Mobile customers won’t get stuck with big bills if they blow through their data caps in the future, but their connection speeds will be significantly slowed, according to blogger Bill Snyder.

Facebook: No Chat for You — Unless You Use Messenger App

|   Facebook users will soon have to download two separate mobile apps, one for chat and one for access to the rest of the social network.

How the Latest Wireless Plans from U.S. Carriers Stack Up

|   AT&T and Verizon both cut the prices of wireless family plans, while T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular slashed the costs of entry-level plans. blogger Bill Snyder breaks down each option and exposes the "gotchas."

Thousands Complained to FTC About Fake Yelp Reviews

|   The thousands of complaints received by the FTC since 2008 represent another good reason why consumers shouldn't believe everything they read in online reviews, according to blogger Bill Snyder.

Amazon’s Fire TV Just Made It Easier to Ditch Cable TV

|   Fire TV is a $99 set-top box that lets you stream video from numerous sources to your TV — and play games as well.

Smartphone Kill Switch Would Save Consumers $2.6 Billion a Year

|   More than 1.6 million cell phones are stolen every year. But a simple software change would make them impossible to resell.

Don't Hate Microsoft for Pulling the Plug on Windows XP

|   Microsoft is right to drop support for Windows XP, according to blogger Bill Snyder. Here's why.

Researchers Say NSA Could Pull Personal Info from Phone-Call Metadata

|   Stanford researchers tested the U.S. government's claim that data the NSA collected in its vast wiretapping operation didn't reveal private data and found the claims to be false.

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