Can UCC Help Team Members Better Utilize Big Data?

Without access big data rapidly loses its usefulness. Properly deploy, UCC serves as an empowered conduit for big data utilization.

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When organizations understand and leverage big data, the resulting benefits can be significant, often providing a boost to the top and bottom line. Of course, success with big data starts with strategy and understanding, including a commitment to collect and analyze what can quickly become mountains of information. Done right, big data serves as an unparalleled avenue to valuable insight into the market as well as the customer. However, even the best analysis is meaningless if information workers lack timely access to its insight.  

This is where a properly positioned UCC deployment has the potential to enhance a big data journey by eliminating one of the common roadblocks plaguing big data success—lack of collaboration between big data experts or analysts and the information users tasked with making strategic decisions as well as interacting with the customer. Simply put, a well-deployed unified communications and collaboration (UCC) system can serve as the conduit for collaboration.

There are two sides to this issue:

  • Front line users do not always see the compelling need for big data analysis.  As a result, they do not necessarily know what to request from the organization’s analysts. UCC provides the analysts with a direct line to decision makers and information users alike, and allows for different modes of dialogue (IM, voice, video chat, etc.) for different data consumers.
  • Complex analysis reports can unintentionally yield more confusion than insight. Understandably, these complex reports lead to additional questions. And the best way to address these questions is to have direct, collaborative access to experts willing to provide additional explanations. UCC provides this access, affording information users with multiple lines of communication to immediately connect with in-house experts and turn analysis into insight.

While line of business departments such as marketing or finance may have prompted the most celebrated big data successes, the likelihood is significantly lower without open lines of communication.

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