Can’t we work together? Mobile video can rev up collaboration

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"This is the year for video" has been an ongoing theme across the communications industry for quite some time—at least a decade now if not longer. But hurdles including everything from software and hardware challenges to issues with gaining team member buy-in always seem to derail momentum. Fortunately, times are changing, and the continued proliferation of video-ready smartphones and tablets is finally making on-the-go video interactions a practical reality. 

The use of video within this space is crucial, according to a recent IDG Research Services survey in which 73 percent of respondents cite the ability to create a more flexible work environment as the most desirable goal of UC investments. Today’s video offerings, especially when combined with mobility, definitely fit the bill whether it’s an impromptu video chat with a client or a planned conference with disparate team members.

How can video specifically improve partner and customer collaboration? There is true value in face-to-face interactions, even though it’s not always practical or possible to physically be in the same place at the same time. Adding mobile to the equation only intensifies the power when team members can leverage mobile devices to blend on-site customer interactions with expert input to provide immediate answers to pressing concerns.

The instances where video can facilitate collaboration only continue to grow. For instance, leveraging mobile video could allow for immediate feedback on how a proposed design change could impact subsequent processes.. Mobile video can also facilitate expert recommendations by allowing engineers to see customer applications without making site visits.

Simply put, converging video with mobility creates a desirable level of intimacy that’s rich with knowledge. And when married with the right tools, audio, video and Web conferencing become one and empower mobile workers to tap into the knowledge of office-based experts, other mobile workers and customers—sharing knowledge as if they were in the same physical location.

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