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BigDog Robot Throws Cinder Blocks, Far

This four-legged robot called BigDog is no wimp, he can actually throw cinder blocks, far.

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This video is pretty impressive. We have seen some amazing advances in robotic technology as of late, from robots who can maneuver complex obstacles, to robots who can play Ace of Spades by rock legend Motorhead.

Now the BigDog robot handles heavy objects and throws cinder block around like they are pieces of paper. Made by US robotics company Boston Dynamics, the machine is backed by the Pentagon.

I have heard this military-funded robot is being designed to help soliders carry heavy loads, and you can use it for search and rescue and all sorts of other applications. But let's be honest about it. They are going to strap a flamethrower or pulse rifle to this thing and you'll have The Terminators' faithful sidekick 'Rusty the Annihilator.'

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