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Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp

This video shows a new desk lamp that allows you to build a Tetris sculpture and lights on contact.

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In the "I didn't think this would be very cool and then was pleasantly surprised" category, comes this 'boss' desk lamp done like a game of Tetris. The really cool thing, is you can set it up any way you like, and all the different Tetris pieces all light on contact from the other pieces, so you have a desk lamp that can be made in a variety of shapes.

I will yet again reiterate, the choice of this product is in no way influenced by the nice young girl doing the presentation. I consider any and all accusations to the contrary to be a blight on my noble and wholly pure state of mind.

This video comes via The product is manufactured by Paladone Products. Looks like you can buy it in many places including

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