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he's also part of the Emerging Internet Technologies group at IBM.
  • Matt Aslett, an analyst in The 451 Group's Enterprise Software group who specializes in open source software and contributes regularly to reports on the topic.
  • Ira Heffan, legal counsel for TopCoder, who has been involved in GPL v3 and other open source licensing discussions
  • Ron Gula, Ron Gula, developer of Dragon IDS and the CEO of Tenable Network Security which produces the Nessus vulnerability scanner
  • Bob Sutor, the vice president of Standards and Open Source for the IBM Corporation.
  • Wikipedia's Doman Mituzas (board member, active participant in tech projects, and senior manager at MySQL)
  • And we may have a few late surprises. So yeah. I think we've got some fairly cool people. Don't you agree?

    Let's use this introductory thread as an opportunity to go across the panel. Wave Hi to the audience, folks—and tell everybody who you are (that little bio-thing, ya know), what excites you most about open source (in general), and, hmm... let's get personal. Tell us the book you read most recently that wasn't related to work.

    Perhaps it's only fair for me to start. I'm senior online editor at CIO.com, and also responsible for its community (a.k.a. your BlogMom). I've specialized in software development and open source for several years (in fact, I've written the Evans Data report on open source development a few times) and have more than a few articles here about both subjects (such as The Enterprise Committer: When Your Employee Develops Open-Source Code on the Company Payroll). I was also the sysop of the original Executives Online forum on CompuServe in the early 90s, and I've always loved the format. So I'm excited to see where we can take this.

    Most recently, I finished the latest Lois McMaster Bujold novel in The Sharing Knife series. I've yet to write my Amazon review, but I can tell you that this fantasy novel is absolutely worth five stars.

    Your turn....—Esther

    Ok, since my last name starts with a Z, that means I'm the last on the list in a lot of panels, but not this one :-) Thanks for putting this together Esther and inviting me to participate. For a quick intro, I've been a founder and co-founder of several startups and have also worked as an executive at some large companies including General Electric and IBM. I came to IBM after the sale of Ascential Software and moved on to EnterpriseDB after 2 years at IBM (post the sale of Ascential where I was on the founding leadership team for 4 years). I've also been involved in the open source arena and look forward to participating in this discussion.

    who is next.... - Bob Zurek

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