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3D Printed Spider Robot Mimics Natural Movement

The T8 is a wirelessly controlled octopod (spider-like) robot made with 3D printed parts.

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Put this in the category of 'so cool it's really creepy.' If I saw this thing crawling around I would seriously freak out.

What you are seeing below is the original T8 which was manufactured through 3D printing. A new more affordable version for the masses is called the T8X and will be made from injection molding.

The robot is controlled through Wi-Fi through scripts and will retail at $749 USD. You can pre-order for an early bird price of $499 USD. It launches in June 2014. It is made by Robugtix.

The first video is the promotional video for the spider, the second show the spider dancing to the Rumba, the popular dance sweeping the nation, only to be outshone by such perennial favorites like the Macarana. Hey Macarana!

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