What CIOs Need to Know About HP's Acquisition of Autonomy

|   Here's why you should be paying attention: HP's acquisition of Autonomy is a big analytics play that could help lead the way to making sense of all the unstructured data that's overwhelming enterprises of all sizes, says analyst Charles King.

How Predictive Analytics Will Improve CRM

|   By infusing CRM apps with new predictive analytics tools companies will be able to learn much more about their customers' buying habits and desires. And that, says Forrester analyst James Kobielus, will be a worthwhile bonus for your business.

Enterprise BI Made Simple

|   Will a simplified version of enterprise business intelligence software spur user adoption? Gartner analyst James Richardson thinks so.

ERP Market Shake-Up: What It Means to Your Company

|   ERP vendors continue to merge and be acquired at a steady pace in 2011. Here are some tips on how you can protect your company's interests as the marketplace continues to shift, from analyst Albert Pang.

Cut IT Costs for Older ERP Apps With Third-Party Support

|   Some large enterprises are looking to third-party ERP support providers to reduce their maintenance and support costs by 50 percent or more rather than sticking with their existing ERP vendors. Rebecca Wettemann of Nucleus Research explains the circumstances in which replacing an existing ERP vendor...

SAP and Google Maps Team Up to Visualize Corporate Data

|   SAP and Google have announced a new partnership intended to help enterprises use Google Maps to better visualize and use their critical business data. Here's how this partnership can help your company use its data even more effectively.

Slow Product Ramp-ups Challenge Oracle and SAP

|   Oracle and SAP still have some things to prove to customers as they continue to unveil their product strategies around Oracle's Fusion Apps and SAP's HANA technologies, according to one analyst.

Where Will Your Future IT Workers Come From?

|   Finding the right IT people with the right skills is critical to keeping your business running smoothly. So what are you doing to groom the next generation of IT workers for your future hiring needs? It's time to mentor some kids through groups like Teens In Tech and TechGirlz.

IT Failure: Some Ideas Deserve a Second Chance

|   Innovation is about trying, even when you fail. It's about trying until you succeed. That's the secret behind many innovators who helped bring us the technologies we use every day. Iridium Communications Inc. has never forgotten this concept.

Is UNIX dead?

|   UNIX is still breathing. It's still widely used in enterprise data centers. It's still running huge, complex, key applications for companies that absolutely, positively need those apps to run. And despite the ongoing rumors of its decline, its use is still growing, according to new research from...

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