Congratulations to Mark Cummuta on His New Job!

|   Editor's Note: This spring, all of Mark Cummuta's diligent work in his job search paid off, and he landed his dream job: a full-time IT leadership position with a defense contractor. He started his new job last month, and he's been clocking 12-hour days getting up to speed in his new role, which...

Job Search: Four Ways to Stand Out in Today’s Market – Volunteering

|   There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than helping someone in need, especially when you're unemployed.  Let's face it, getting laid off coupled with the multiple rejections you receive while looking for a new job is disheartening at best and downright depressing at worst.

Job Search: Four Ways to Stand Out in Today’s Market – SEO Your Resume

|   Yesterday we started our discussion into how to stand out in today’s market by improving your resume.

Job Search: Four Ways to Stand Out In Today’s Market – Your Resume

|   While we may officially be out of a recession here in the US and large-scale layoffs are slowing, last week’s federal Unemployment Report can’t overcome the fact that 17.8 million Americans are und

Job Search: Four Ways to Stand Out In Today’s Market – Marketing Your Expertise

|   In my first post in this series on how to differentiate yourself in today’s job market, I relayed one executive recruiter’s advice to me: “If you’re doing all the right things right (with your targeted job search, networking, resume and interviewing), then the key to job search success is...

Job Search: Four Ways to Stand Out and Differentiate Yourself In Today’s Market

|   With the economy still sending out mixed signals and layoffs still being announced at major companies including IBM, Microsoft and American Airlines, standing out in today’s job market remains critical for job seekers.

Personal Job Search Update

|   As promised in my last post, on “Finding Your Career Passion”, I want to bring you up to speed on the progress of my job search.

Finding Your Career Passion

|   I am passionate about many things -- my wife, our kids, the U.S. Marine Corps, the defense of our country's hard-won freedoms, and lazy Saturday mornings watching cartoons or the ocean waves with my family, to name a few.  I also love several things about my career -- specifically, building and...

12 Secrets For Improving Your Job Search In A Recession

|   A new year brings new challenges and opportunities to anyone in a job search. This year, we job seekers are facing even bigger challenges due to the global economic recession. The outlook for IT jobs in 2009 is mostly grim, so job seekers have to use a different and more aggressive approach to...

Who Are The Best Companies to Work For - Targeting Your Job Search

|   "I'm in a new (or prolonged) job search, and I just don't know how to figure out what companies I should be targeting?"  Does that sound familiar?  There are many answers to this questions, ranging from networking to driving distances.  But today I want to quickly focus on a strong list...

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