Career Advice: Parting Words

|   I have a confession to make: I never felt completely comfortable giving out job search and career advice as the author of's Career Connection blog. It wasn't that I thought I was giving out bad advice.

IT Salaries: 10 Cities Where IT Professionals Earn the Most

|   IT staffing firm CyberCoders recently released its ranking of the 10 cities where IT salaries are highest. compares this latest salary data with IT salary surveys from other sources.

How Project Managers Can Negotiate Higher Salaries

|   The Project Management Institute's latest salary survey is chockfull of specific, reliable data that project managers can use to negotiate higher salaries. Here's an example of how they might use the data in their own salary negotiations.

Why IT Managers Need to Address Skills Shortages in Their Organizations

|   IT managers know that skills shortages in their organizations negatively impact business operations, yet—due to budget and time constraints—they do little to address IT skills gaps. Is there any way to fix this problem?

Hot IT Skills in 2012

|   Research from two different firms suggests which IT skills are in greatest demand. What skills are you after?

Want Your Employees To Do More? Give Them Less

|   Corporate leaders say they want employees who take on extra initiative for improving the company, but they do little to foster a culture that empowers and rewards employees for doing so.

Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Ad: It's Halftime, America

|   Is the U.S. economy in the midst of its own existential halftime, as Chrysler's Super Bowl ad suggests? If so, can American compete in its second half?

IT Professionals' Confidence in Job Market, Economy Growing

|   As news of increased IT hiring, increases in IT pay and increased IT spending mounts, so too has IT professionals' confidence in the economy and job market, according to Technisource. Do you think the market for IT jobs is improving? Take's poll.

Software to Help You Manage Your Job Search

|   Here are two web-based software applications that help you keep track of job applications, networking contacts and more.

Hold Yourself Accountable for Improving Your Productivity

|   By becoming aware of how you spend your time during the day, you can zero in on the activities you need to do more or less of.

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