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About this Blog: Everything Apple is making its way into businesses – and tech leaders need to know how to deal with it. Tom Kaneshige reports on Apple from Silicon Valley for the latest stirrings, rumors and management practices

Apple Enterprise Now

Google Bigwig Eric Schmidt Posts Bizarre Guide for 'Converting to Android from iPhone'

|   Google's Executive Chairman wants you to switch from iPhone to Android, and he posted a strange guide to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Apple's 'Spaceship' Campus Evokes Jobs-Era Perfectionism

|   Some facts have emerged about Apple's planned "spaceship" campus. Delayed and over-budget but painstakingly detailed, it's already part of Apple history, and makes's Tom Kaneshige nostalgic for Steve Jobs' maniacal focus.

Apple, Where Art Thou?

|   Apple is under siege and uncharacteristically running for cover amidst mounting competition and research reports favoring Android.

Is Computer's Future a Glass House?

|   According to Google and Corning, glass surfaces and eyeglasses are where we'll do our computing in the future.

iPads, E-Textbooks a Potent Combo on College Campuses

|   Cheap e-textbooks are slowly making their way to colleges, but e-book savings are only one of many good reasons for undergrads to be packing an iPad.

Apple Creativity Starts Simply

|   What's in a name? A potential barrier to the creative process, says Jony Ive.

Infographic: BYOD's Dirty Little Secret

|   Are your employees taking liberties with their BYOD expense reporting?

Google, Apple Targeting Geeks with Wearable Computers

|   If clothes are fashion statements, wearable technology makes you a geek – and that's okay.

Are Your Text Messages Being Read by Your Teenage Daughter?

|   Watch out parents. An iOS update automatically adds different phone numbers to the same Apple ID to receive iMessages.

Ashton Kutcher Says Steve Jobs His Hero

|   Comedic actor and popular geeknik Ashton Kutcher says he's learned a lot from playing Steve Jobs in the indie film "jOBS."

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