Nasdaq CEO Blames IT for Bungled Facebook IPO; Is the Trust Gone?

|    Nasdaq CEO Robert Greifeld says inadequate "business judgment" about the stock exchange's IT capabilities partly caused problems that plagued Facebook's opening day. That can't be good for CIO Anna Ewing and her team.

Desperately Seeking Data Scientists

|   The role of data scientist is hotter than ever. American Express is looking for a whole team of them and many other companies are, too. Aren't internal staff worth retraining?

Why CIOs Must Master the Art of Hiring

|   Talent management is a critical skill for CIOs now and will soon be indispensable for setting up IT outposts globally. Here are some expert tips for excelling as a global talent scout

How To Choose the Right Tech Startup Partner

|   CIOs look to IT startups for competitive advantage but finding the right newbie vendor is harder than you think.

What’s the CIO's Biggest Challenge…in One Word?

|   Agility? Value? Exhaustion? The CFO? An informal poll in our CIO Forum on LinkedIn reveals as much about you as it does about CIO problems.

CIOs Can Strengthen Your Board of Directors

|   Boards can gain critical technical and strategy expertise while CIOs get career benefits – and a nice side income

Seeking Innovative Ideas? Read Something Quirky

|   CIOs are under pressure to come up with innovative ideas for the business. Try subscribing to a few obscure publications (print or online) that will trigger ideas outside your usual thinking patterns.

What CEOs Want from CIOs Now

|   Using IT to create new products is no longer enough. Now CIOs must be entrepreneurs who come up with entirely new business models.

Movin’ on Up: From CIO to President of Mansfield Oil

|   CIOs who want to be COO, President or CEO need optimism, P&L experience and the ability to deal with being "evil"

Why is IT Hiring so Hard?

|   CIOs want to hire IT generalists but admit to a large, financially damaging skills gap. Maybe IT leaders don't know how to find the right staff.

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