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About this Blog: All smartphone and tablet apps, all the time. Veteran mobile tech journalist James A. Martin offers mobile app reviews, news, tips and more on a variety of major mobile platforms, with a focus on iOS and Android.

Martin on Mobile Apps

'Get The Job' Interviewing App for Android, iOS Not Worth Your Time

|   A recent game for Android and iOS tests your knowledge of the job interview process. The paid version asks some good questions, according to blogger James A. Martin, but the freebies are mostly useless.

Why Chrome Remote Desktop for Android is Nearly Useless

|   Google released an Android version of its Chrome Remote Desktop app, and the software lets you remotely view what's on your Windows or Mac screen. Unfortunately, accessing your computer is a significant challenge, according to blogger James A. Martin.

Dropbox 'Carousel' App for Android/iOS Makes Photo Sharing a Snap

|   Dropbox's new Carousel app makes it simple to share photos and video stored in your Dropbox account. But the app is missing features that would make it even more valuable, according to blogger James A. Martin.

Kudos (and Caveats) for New Klout iOS Update

|   The Klout app for iPhones just got some worthy enhancements, according to blogger James A. Martin, but it still lacks a few notable features.

Free New York Times iOS App Isn’t Entirely Free

|   This week, The New York Times released a free iOS news summary app. But there's a catch (or two), says blogger James A. Martin.

Another (Great) Reason to Use OpenTable iOS App

|   OpenTable recently launched a pilot program that enables restaurant patrons in San Francisco to pay their tabs via the OpenTable iPhone app. blogger James A. Martin says the feature works beautifully, though there are a few downsides.

Best iOS Apps of Spring 2014

| blogger James A. Martin picks her personal favorite apps from among those he's reviewed this year, including one that creates its own social network and another one that helps amateur iPhone videographers.

Why Microsoft Office for iPad was Worth the Wait

|   After much speculation, Microsoft released official Word, Excel and PowerPoint Office apps for Apple iPad tablets. blogger James A. Martin says Office loyalists will be very happy with the apps, despite a few caveats.

New Google Now Voice Commands for Android Mostly Miss the Mark

|   Google recently added new voice commands to its Android Search app. Unfortunately, some of the commands don't work well, according to blogger James A. Martin, and others simply aren't very useful.

3 Good Reasons to Return Your Fitbit Force — Rash or No Rash

|   Even if you didn't develop a rash on your wrist, you may still want to participate in Fitbit's recall of its Force activity tracker. blogger James A. Martin shares three reasons to get a refund.

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