The Five Stages of Social Technology

|   Talk about getting lost in an echo chamber; we’re caught up in sudden and unexpected events that take on lives of their own. Real-time social technology generates self-reinforcing feedback loops that are a powerful new force to be reckoned with.

IT Agility and the Sound of New Ideas

|   Between now and the end of August I’ll be starting the day at my wireless connected, mobile device enabled, summer office. I got to the office early this morning. I find it has amazing benefits in the “finding new ideas and getting great insights” department.

Startups Where Necessity Defines IT Best Practices

|   You work on a tight budget where requirements are hard to pin down and they change all the time. And whatever you build has to go into production quickly and be flexible to grow in any number of directions depending on what happens next. How do you handle this challenge?

A Massively Multiplayer Online Company [and Innovative CIO]

|   What would happen if your company employed game dynamics to keep everybody informed and enthusiastically involved in achieving its business goals? A multi-billion dollar global consumer products company is doing just that. This is an example of the power of game dynamics applied to business.

Tough Times, Social Technology and the Innovative CIO

|   The combination of tough times plus the spread of social technology makes this a great time for the CIO who has innovative ideas about how to use the latter to respond to the former. Here's an idea to consider.

Mixing Quality Time with Real Time Connectivity Creates Serious Synergies

|   Sunlight shining on my face woke me up this morning. I was stretched out flat on my back, warm under covers, and so relaxed my legs and arms felt fuzzy.

Monitoring Employee Performance in Real Time

|   Social media and web-based data collection tools allow companies to monitor individual customers in real-time and amass huge amounts of data about their habits and preferences. What if they started amassing similar data about the habits and effectiveness of their employees?

Business Agility is a Serious Game

|   Something unexpected happens when companies combine the use of three types of systems: business process management (BPM); business intelligence (BI); and interactive simulation systems. It creates something larger than the sum of its parts - something agile.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games as Business Collaboration Platforms

|   Massively multiplayer online role playing games are pushing the envelope in technology and player engagement. They point the way to business collaboration platforms in the not too distant future.

Pilots, Soldiers and Surgeons Play Serious Games

|   What do pilots, soldiers and surgeons have in common? Answer: They all work in professions where the cost of failure can be severe. And because of this, they are three professions that make heavy use of interactive simulations and what are known as “serious games”.

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