Focus on Face Time

|   Video use is growing for a good reason – it improves relationships. However, it can take a little effort to get everyone on board.

Key Questions

|   Not all cloud communications offerings are the same, so due diligence pays rewards by properly aligning offerings with business needs.

Assessing scalability

|   Scalability is often considered a top benefit when embracing the cloud, but how exactly does scalability affect UCC deployments?

Building off BYOD

|   BYOD is only going to grow and at unprecedented rates. So how can a solid UCC deployment enhance a BYOD platform?

Deployment flexibility

|   Seeking out UCC solutions that offer deployment flexibility plays a significant role in protecting investments.

Customer Service 2.0

|   Integrating advanced UCC capabilities within customer service operations can help reps take service to the next level.

Seeking Integration

|   In passing, most UCC vendors say their software integrates with business solutions. However, the meaning of integration can vary significantly from vendor to vendor.

The Video Game

|   Video capabilities have improved significantly in recent years, and so too have the potential uses for this dynamic tool.

Breaking Down Collaboration Barriers

|   Today’s technology is changing how companies succeed within an increasingly global business environment.

Maximizing Enterprise Mobility

|   Successfully deploying mobile UCC starts with training, grows with ongoing encouragement to utilize the various tools, and truly blossoms when user groups experiment and share their experiences with one another.

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