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BlackBerry Storm Gets '10 MLB Baseball App: Additional Device Support "After Opening Day"

MLB yesterday released a new version of its popular At Bat baseball app for BlackBerry Storm, iPhone and select Android devices.

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You know spring is just around the corner when professional baseball apps start popping up for your favorite mobile platforms.

Major League Baseball (MLB) yesterday released an updated version of its uber-popular MLB At Bat application for 2010, and the app is currently available for iPhone, Android devices (running OS 1.5 and 2.0) and the BlackBerry Storm--BlackBerry users with RIM smartphones other than the Storm or Storm2 will have to wait until "after opening day" to join in the fun.

MLB At Bat 2010 for the BlackBerry Storm2</
MLB At Bat 2010 for the BlackBerry Storm2

MLB At Bat 2010 isn't cheap at $14.99. In fact, it's 50 percent more expensive than last year's $10 app. But it'll be worth the steep price for baseball addicts who want access to live-streamed regular and post-season games, in-game pitch tracking, box-scores, player stats, and much more, all on-the-go via smartphone.

The iPhone app also lets users watch select live, out-of-market baseball games, though blackout restrictions apply, i.e., you can't watch local games if they're being broadcast on local channels. Neither the Android or BlackBerry apps offer the live game-video streaming option, nor is it clear whether or not either app ever will.

At Bat 2010 for iPhone users who also subscribe to the company's online MLB TV service for $120 a year (ouch) reportedly get streaming-access to all MLB games.

MLB At Bat 2010 is available for the all versions of the BlackBerry Storm, but it won't be released for additional QWERTY BlackBerry devices until "after opening day," which takes place during the first week of April, according to MLB.

I bought MLB At Bat 2009 for iPhone last year, and I was a huge fan. MLB At Bat 2010 is already the highest grossing app ever in Apple's iTunes App Store. And it's also currently the number two paid app on iTunes, though it doesn't seem to be nearly as popular on the BlackBerry or Android platforms.

Additional information on MLB At Bat 2010 for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry can be found online.


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