Why Chrome Remote Desktop for Android is Nearly Useless

|   Google released an Android version of its Chrome Remote Desktop app, and the software lets you remotely view what's on your Windows or Mac screen. Unfortunately, accessing your computer is a significant challenge, according to blogger James A. Martin.

Microsoft to Windows 8.1 Users: Update ASAP or You're on Your Own

|   Windows 8.1 users who don’t install a recent patch won’t be able to install any future security patches, according to Microsoft

Listening to the Inner Voice

|   Before co-founding the San Francisco company in 2006, David Selinger led the R&D effort of Amazon’s data mining and personalization team, where he learned how impactful data can be to improve the retail shopping experience.

Direct Hire Help for Your Senior Level and Complex Openings

|   How to avert hiring challenges as technology becomes more and more complex and diverse.

Get Started on Your BYOD Strategy with the Right Partner

|   Determining and understanding the impacts of a BYOD strategy on your infrastructure can be complex, and that’s where forming the right partnership with an experienced IT provider comes in.

BYOD and Your Network

|   Are you ready for a flood of devices?

Leaked Images of Amazon's 'Fire Phone'

|   A couple of images of Amazon's first smartphone leaked yesterday, and reports suggest it could be officially announced in June.

Healthcare is Hot for CIOs!

|   New CIOs at WellPoint, Sharp Healthcare, Wakeforest Baptist (along with CIO moves in retail, energy and more)

Are You Planning Your Next Workstation Refresh?

|   Why Lenovo’s ThinkStation E32 might be the perfect fit

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