Overcoming Ad-versity

|   Most people don’t have a favorable view of online ads, but why shouldn’t those ads be as compelling as other content available on the Web and mobile devices? That’s the question Giles Goodwin asks.

Dropbox 'Carousel' App for Android/iOS Makes Photo Sharing a Snap

|   Dropbox's new Carousel app makes it simple to share photos and video stored in your Dropbox account. But the app is missing features that would make it even more valuable, according to blogger James A. Martin.

Facebook: No Chat for You — Unless You Use Messenger App

|   Facebook users will soon have to download two separate mobile apps, one for chat and one for access to the rest of the social network.

The Courage to Try

|   Eric S. Yuan knows about the challenges befalling those who can't communicate face-to-face.

Kudos (and Caveats) for New Klout iOS Update

|   The Klout app for iPhones just got some worthy enhancements, according to blogger James A. Martin, but it still lacks a few notable features.

How the Latest Wireless Plans from U.S. Carriers Stack Up

|   AT&T and Verizon both cut the prices of wireless family plans, while T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular slashed the costs of entry-level plans. blogger Bill Snyder breaks down each option and exposes the "gotchas."

The CIO as Digital Pathfinder

|   Jeff Donaldson, once CIO of GameStop, now focuses 100 percent of his time on innovation.

Thousands Complained to FTC About Fake Yelp Reviews

|   The thousands of complaints received by the FTC since 2008 represent another good reason why consumers shouldn't believe everything they read in online reviews, according to blogger Bill Snyder.

Bridging the Connection Between Business and Technology

|   Business intelligence (BI), collaboration, and analytics were the focus of a recent day-long conference hosted by consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G).  In attendance were vendor partners and the CIOs of other leading BI users, including Fed Ex Corp., Boeing, BP and General...

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