Is Your Out-Dated Phone System Holding You Back?

|   Why IP systems are now easier to use than ever

Google Glass Gets Android KitKat, Loses Video Calling (UPDATED)

|   Google frustrated a number of Glass Explorers yesterday when it announced the upcoming Glass XE16 software update, which brings Android KitKat to Glass, will drop a valuable feature: Video calling.

T-Mobile Kills Overage Fees—but not Without a Price

|   T-Mobile customers won’t get stuck with big bills if they blow through their data caps in the future, but their connection speeds will be significantly slowed, according to blogger Bill Snyder.

Why Sensible Storage Matters

|   Get the boost you need and save money along the way

Are You Facing IT Hiring Difficulties?

|   Technical contractors are the way to go this year

Security: The Biggest BYOD Challenge

|   You can keep your data safe and your employees happy

Overcoming Ad-versity

|   Most people don’t have a favorable view of online ads, but why shouldn’t those ads be as compelling as other content available on the Web and mobile devices? That’s the question Giles Goodwin asks.

Dropbox 'Carousel' App for Android/iOS Makes Photo Sharing a Snap

|   Dropbox's new Carousel app makes it simple to share photos and video stored in your Dropbox account. But the app is missing features that would make it even more valuable, according to blogger James A. Martin.

Facebook: No Chat for You — Unless You Use Messenger App

|   Facebook users will soon have to download two separate mobile apps, one for chat and one for access to the rest of the social network.

The Courage to Try

|   Eric S. Yuan knows about the challenges befalling those who can't communicate face-to-face.

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